RMC, previously known as the Recruitment Management Company, is an award winning Australian company established in 2000 by a group of former senior Australian Public Service officers and with a client base in excess of 60 Agencies and Departments. RMC is a national company with an extensive network of quality assured consultants working in all capital cities and regional centres of Australia.

Our founders, former senior public sector and recruitment executives, identified a significant cultural and flexibility gap in providing services to the public sector. Quite simply, the operating structures and ethos, cost regimes, values and ROI of multinational companies were unsympathetic to the increasing cost constraints and flexibility demands imposed on the public sector. With this understanding RMC established itself as the premier national organisation providing qualified personnel for short term assignments that required maturity and highly developed analytical, intuitive, and interpersonal and communication skills across a range of public sector activities. 

Our people have held successful senior careers across a range of public sector, NPO and NGO operations prior to joining the RMC team. With a wealth of senior management experience across a diverse range of industries in both public and private sectors and a high level of interpersonal skills, an RMC practitioner can bring significant value to your project and team. Our practitioners are a highly educated and experienced team who are driven by rigorous management and accountability for results.

RMC is part of the Insight Connections group. Our underlying philosophy is that all organisations whether public, private, not for profit or community based are integral to our wellbeing as individuals, families and communities. Strong accountability and engagement coupled with a creative and connected approach leads to a cohesive, empowered, productive and forward thinking society. 

Our Mission

We understand that organisations prosper through credibility and that credibility is achieved and retained through honest, generous engagement and open communication. We understand that the world is becoming increasingly complex and our most valued public and private organisations, businesses and institutions are struggling to achieve and retain credibility, struggling to attract and retain great people, and struggling to have meaningful interactions with their stakeholders.

We understand that those serving the public are no longer only those on the government payroll, that the “public sector” now embraces a complex network of relationships and collaborations across many sectors and industries, working together to contribute to the public good. We understand that to ensure the seamless collaboration and cooperation required for this new type of public service, the matter of engagement, transparency and open communication is the key to success.

Our Objective

Our aim is to make a difference to your day. We relieve productivity pressures, streamline administrative processes and meet impossible deadlines.

RMC’s professional practitioners can step in at a moment’s notice to provide a range of Reporting, HR and Recruitment and Transcription services, freeing you up to work within your own expertise and achieve your own productivity requirements.

RMC aims to alleviate your challenges. Our boutique management team can quickly assess your needs and our capability to assist you. We select and assign our consultants with great care ensuring a best fit to your organisation and specific requirements. We can provide a range of options for management, cost and delivery, giving you the power to achieve confidence and surety with no nasty surprises.